Uria profile
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Hero (former)
Manga Debut Chapter 70

Uria (ウリア, Uria) was a human hero and former friend of Azudora.



Uria is a kind-hearted person, preferring peace over fighting and willing to sacrifice himself to save others.


Uria Family

1500 years ago, Uria met Azudora during the many wars between the humans and the demons. However instead of fighting the demon, Uria befriended him. Uria and Azudora had many conversations with each other and later Uria introduced his village to Azudora. Azudora got to know the human race much better. When Azudora finally left the village, Azudora no longer wanted to fight. Uria and Azudora tried to work towards peace, but the war only got worse. The humans were eventually cornered and came into contact with forbidden apocalyptic magic. As a result, the world almost ended had it not been for Uria. Uria could not change back after awakening and Azudora had to kill his friend.[1]


Abilities & PowersEdit

Major BattlesEdit

Uria vs Warriors of Ruin Uria vs Azudora


(To Azudora) "Fighting to kill is scary. But as frightening as it is, if anything, it's more sad. Isn't it? Even when we can talk like this, all we ever do is kill each other."[2]

(To Azudora) "Azu. Sorry to ask this of you, but please take care of everyone. Even though they're just a bunch of idiots, please forgive the humans." [3]



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