Great Empire Where the Dragon Resides, also known as the Demon World, is a group of 15 nations ruled by the Emperor. The vast land is governed by the Four Heavenly Kings.[1] It is the home of most demons. [2] Throughout the land, there are Demon Castles commanded by Demon Kings. The land is most a barren wasteland that is constantly attacked by monsters.[3] The demons have an empire council to help evaluate situations and decisions.[4] The capital of the Empire is the Imperial Capital (帝都, Teito). The Empire is over ten thousand years old.[5]



A group of genius architects and a guild of artisans who inherited their will and craft constructed the Empire's capital over the course of more than 1000 years.[6]

In the past, the humans and demons had many wars between each other.[7]

The Emperor suppresses the source of the New World at the Imperial Capital, while the people of the Empire take care of the spills.[8]


Empire Regions

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