Oloroso profile
Species Sacred Beast
Status Alive
Affiliation Demon World
Partner(s) Helck
Manga Debut Chapter 4

Ororon (オロロン, Ororon) is a sacred beast that accompanied Helck during the demon king tournament.




Demon King Tournament ArcEdit

Save the Humans ArcEdit

Vamirio explains to Helck the situation. Helck is relieve and reaffirms that he will be able to complete the task of taking down the Human King. Hon then introduces Vamirio and Helck to their ride to the Human Kingdom. It is revealed that their ride is the same animal Helck used during the Showdown race. Helck is happy to meet the creature again and it is revealed that the creature is a sacred creature.[1]

Vamirio and Helck are ambushed on their way to the Human Capital.[2] However, the two companions manage to easily defeat the humans led by Iron Ball.

At the Human Kingdom, Vamirio and Helck make their way to the castle of the Human Empire. On their way, they encounter the Cane, the Kingdom's Protectors Force, but Helck easily defeats them. Once inside the castle, they are ambushed by a defense matrix. Suddenly, a golem appears and Helck attempts to attack it, but it absorbed Helck's attack and fired it back in the form of a blast. Vamirio explains how a golem works to Helck and tries to think of a plan to defeat it.

Ororon grabbed Piwi before leaving to go to the Human Empire. Ororon manages to saves Piwi from the defense matrix and together they go searching for Vamirio and Helck.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Ororon is able to keep up with Helck during the tournament and he is able to dodge the beams shot by the defense matrix.

Immense Strength:


  • Seijun, Blue, Big, Tokoroten, Furry were some of the considered names when naming Ororon.[3]
  • Ororon (オロロン, Ororon) is a call by guillemots that live in Hokkaido.
  • When Ororon cried to Helck at the tournament, the SFX beside him was "Ororon".
  • Tokoroten is a dish in Japanese cuisine made from agarophytes.


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