Kenros profile
Alias Swift Kenros
Species Demon
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Abilities Immense Speed
Level 38 (Power(Demon King Tournament Arc))
40 (Power(Current))
Affiliation Demon World
Manga Debut Chapter 1

"Swift" Kenros (ケンロス, Kenrosu) was one of the contestants for the next Demon King to replace Tooru.


Kenros has short hair, and a pointy nose and ears. He wears a black tight-fitting long-sleeve shirt and pants with light colored boots, shorts and a scarf. Despite his slim appearance, he is quite solidly built.



Demon King Tournament ArcEdit

After Helck finished his card tower, Kenros speaks up before anyone can act and explains to everyone the true nature of the match, that the towers are representations of the contestants demon castles, and the goal is to build up their "castle" while tearing down the others using whatever means necessary.[1] Kenros finishes his tower during the explanation and yells good work.

Save the Humans ArcEdit

Kenros is the head of one of the groups instructed to take care of the towers constructed by the humans. Kenros and Rubero each find a tower. Unfortunately just as they are about to blast into the tower, the humans attack.[2]

Before the tower destruction group could finish the prototypes, the prototypes retreat. Outside the cave, there are thousands of prototypes waiting.

The tower destruction group is chased down by the prototypes. They attempt to retreat to the cave, but the prototypes manage to wall it off before they can. Eventually, the prototypes surround the tower destruction group. However, they are saved by reinforcements provided by Shin.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Kenros is incredibly fast, even being able to go faster than Helck.[4] In addition, he is very efficient at dodging, able to avoid most attacks with ease. [5]

Immense Endurance: Kenros dodged the attacks of many Winged Soldiers for nearly 5 hours straight, as part of a friendly competition among some of the Demon fighters.[6]

Fighting StyleEdit

None: Despite a respectable power level of 40, Kenros has never attacked so far in the series. He merely dodges all attacks and assists his comrades until the battle ends. He has said many times that he dislikes fighting and would rather live peacefully with the humans. He has never attacked a monster either.

Major BattlesEdit

Kenros vs Edil


"I have a brilliant plan! Let's run!"



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