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Isuta Profile
Species Demon
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Occupation Vamirio's Subordinate
Level 48 (Spy)
Affiliation Demon World
Relatives Asuta (Older Sister)
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Isuta (イスタ, Isuta) is the younger sister of Asuta and subordinate of Vamirio.


Isuta is a young looking girl with cat ears, amber eyes and long black hair.


Isuta is very caring of her older sister and her well being.[1]

Isuta feels uncomfortable at the sight of blood, especially when she was little.[2][3]


Ahh... IsutyEdit

Isuta had trouble finding interest in anything, while her sister took interest in almost everything. Isuta grew up with Asuta and Hyura and became very close friends with each other, even though Hyura and Asuta would sometimes have fun at Isuta's expense.

One day, Asuta's and Isuta's village was attacked by monsters whom managed to break through the village barrier. However, they were saved by Vamirio. From that incident Asuta and Isuta were inspired to become soldiers of the empire. They eventually become personal subordinates of Vamirio.[4]


Human Assault ArcEdit

She nurses Azudora as the Four Heavenly King recovers from his injuries.[5]

Save the Humans ArcEdit

Isuta Stress

Asuta, the curse Isuta must bear

Isuta and Hon talk about Rococo's eyes ability. Azudora tells them that Rococo does not use a charming ability and reveals to them the true nature of her ability. Later, Isuta nearly faints when she learns of what happened to her sister. Hyura helps Isuta bring the information provided by Asuta to Azudora.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Having an spy level of 48, Isuta similar to her sister Asuta, is a skilled infiltrator. However, due to her lower level, it can be assumed that she is less skilled than her older sister.

She has notable power, as she is able to easily defeat multiple winged soldiers at once.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes:

Enhanced Strength:

Fighting StyleEdit

Proficient Dagger Wielder: Isuta
Isuta Daggers


Dual Daggers: Isuta carries dual daggers.

Major BattlesEdit



  • Isuta and her sister refer to Hyura as Hyura-ran.[6]


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