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Human King
The Human King
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation King
Affiliation Human World
Manga Debut Chapter 19

The Human King (人間の王, Ningen no ō) is one of the main antagonists of Helck and is the monarch of the human world.


The king's face is hidden behind a metallic mask and his entire body is seemingly covered in some kind of armor. He also donned a light-colored robe over his armor.


The Human King appears to be very cold, emotionless, merciless and seems to be a rather prideful individual, using his magic to force Alicia and Zell to kneel before him.[1] He was also wicked enough to use his magic to force Cless to kill his own brother Helck.[2]



Demon King Tournament ArcEdit

Human Assault ArcEdit

Abilities & PowersEdit

As the ruler of his entire kingdom, the king has the complete authority over the kingdom and its resources. Through unknown means, the king was able to survive being stabbed in the head,[2] he was also somehow able to completely mask his presence from Asuta.[3]



Alicia under the influence of the king

The King's Word:[4] A powerful spell, which allows the king to take total control of someone's body, which is defined as giving an "command". This magic also gives the king full control over all artificially awakened heroes of the human world. Alicia described his words as "feeling heavy", as if they're pressing down her body.[5] While this particular spell seems to be flawless in the first glance, those with a seemingly strong enough will are able to overcome it, such as Helck.[6] A noble also noted, that if someone views an other person in their vicinity as a higher existence, they are able to break free from the king's influence. Alicia and Zell were able to break free from it due to the presence of Helck.[4] Another possible weakness of this magic is, that the king is not able to use it on demons. He tried to kill the demon Asuta by taking control over Sharuami, instead of forcing the demon to kill herself.

Summoning Magic: The king is able to summon objects such as a dagger out of nowhere.[3]


Dagger: He possesses a dagger, which he can summon out of nowhere. He uses the dagger in conjunction with his magic and freely controls it with his mind alone.[3]

Major BattlesEdit



  • His appearance heavily resembles that of King Baldwin from Kingdom of Heaven, especially the mask.


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