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I don't like humans! Let's destroy the humans.[1]
— Helck after being introduced.

Helck Profile
Alias Topless Warrior
Hero Killer[2]
Species Human
Gender Male Male
Age 20+
Status Alive
Height 200 cm (6'7")[3]
Abilities Superhuman physical prowess
Occupation Hero
Level 99 (Power)
Affiliation Demon World
Human World (Formerly)
Partner(s) Vamirio
Relatives Cless (Younger Brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Helck (ヘルク, Heruku) is the protagonist of Helck and the older brother of the hero Cless.


Helck is a tall, heavily muscled, husky man with blue hair. He is usually found topless except for a large red cape that he wears.


Helck is softhearted, little bit naive person who easily trusts others and tries to stay positive in every situation. He would do anything to protect his loved ones.

Don't touch my comrade. Your opponent is me.[4]
— Helck during his battle against Augis

His determination is remarkable, so it is hard for him to accept inevitable defeat and move on. His pure personality has made him blind in the past and an easy target for the schemes of Mikaros. Helck is filled with regret and repressed anger, which threatens him to lose control and harm his own friends.


Helck Alicia Depart

Helck and Alicia say goodbye.

At the age of 6, a pack of monsters attacked Helck's village and killed his parents.[5] He and Cless headed for the capital to find work.[6] At the age of 22, Helck worked as a construction worker.[7]


Demon King Tournament ArcEdit

Rococo interviews Helck about his victory, and Helck gives his iconic line, "I don't like humans! Let's Destroy the humans.", which wins loud applause from the demon audience. Vamirio is not convinced and still vehemently opposes the idea of a human competing to become a demon king. She sees the situation as the demon world having been invaded by a hero and that the populace is in danger. Hon explains that due to the effects of Azudora's contract, Helck cannot harm anyone in the demon world until the tournament is over, and neither can anyone harm him outside of matches.

Helck defeats his next opponent on screen and walks towards him. Vamirio then theorizes that Helck's plan is too eliminate the candidates for the next Demon King one by one, while he is protected by the effects of the contract. Helck extends his hand and tells his opponent it was a good fight, in a show of good sportsmanship from both fighters.

Helck happily greets Anne from Management.
Helck Meets Vamirio

The start of an unlikely friendship

Vamirio takes care of many of the remaining winged soldiers.[8]

Helck's Past ArcEdit

Helck and his brother suffered through a childhood of poverty after their village was destroyed by monsters. Helck's seemed to have been awoken back in his childhood to which Vamirio attributes his boundless strength. After spending lax years working around the capital city (resulting in his large stature) Helck decided to help in the monster extermination. There he fought his first New Age Monster and as he was beaten to a pulp his powers cemented and he fought back, ultimately defeating the powerful monster. From there Helck continued to make deep bonds with his comrades, most notably Alicia and her band of mercenaries. After a few years passed Helck's brother was sent to kill the demon king and returned heavily wounded. A comrade of Cless's warned Helck of the master plan to awaken the powers in the impoverished humans. Helck then attempted to save his brother, failed and in the aftermath was separated from his comrades. The real tragedy struck while Helck was saving Alicia and his comrades from their inevitable execution. The human awakening plan came into fruition and Helck had to watch his comrades and fellow humans turn into the monsters that they now are. Damn this guy had a pretty shitty life.

Human Assault ArcEdit

Vamirio accepts Helck's request to hold the Hero Killer.[9] Kushiki informs Helck and Vamirio about the situation and Vamirio tells Kushiki to find somewhere safe. After Helck ignores Rafaed's warning and states he will destroy the humans Rafaed sends his forces to attack Vamirio and Helck, initially Helck prepares to fight the winged soldiers by himself, but Vamirio reminds him that they are in this together.[10] Rafaed notices that Vamirio is a support for Helck and attempts to attack her, almost enraging Helck, but Vamirio easily dodges and counters Rafaed.[11] Vamirio reaffirms Helck that she will be fine and tells him to focus on his own opponents. After a short brawl, an arrow is fired in the direction of both Vamirio and Helck, Vamirio dodges the arrow, while Helck catches it. When they turn to see who fired it, they see Alicia.[12]

Helck Alicia Reunion

A painful reunion

Rafaed manages to take care of Vamirio's summoned swordswomen and directs the humans to attack Vamirio. Helck shouts for Vamirio, but Alicia shoots another arrow to draw Helck's attention. Vamirio tells Helck to not worry about her. When Helck finally reaches Alicia, his dark aura begins to grow again. Helck hugs her and apologizes for making her suffer. He comforts her and tells her he will put an end to her suffering.[13]

Vamirio manages to stop Helck from killing Alicia and tells him that they are going to save the humans, instead of destroying them.[14] Helck is shocked by her statement and is almost in tears when she tells him there is still hope.[15]

Helck stands surprised by Vamirio's words while Vamirio speaks to Rafaed. Rafaed then pulls out the Curse Release spell given to him by Mikaros, but when Helck displays his agreement with Vamirio's resolve, Rafaed decides to retreat instead. Afterwards, Helck tells Vamirio how much her words mean to him.[16]

Save the Humans ArcEdit

Vamirio and company decide to head to Shin Castle. On their way, Helck and Vamirio are met with Rococo. Rococo informs Vamirio that Azudora is battered, but healthy.[17] With Rococo's carriage, Vamirio and Helck were able to reach Shin Castle in two days.

Harupii then flies in and tells Vamirio and Helck that she has prepared a place for them to stay. Vamirio tells the rest that she and Rococo are going to see Shin and that they will meet up later. After Vamirio's meeting with Shin, Vamirio tells Helck there is someone she wants him to meet tomorrow.

Vamirio, Shin, and Helck visit Haraolle. When Vamirio tries to talk with the human, Haraolle screams in fear that the demons will harm him.[18] Haraolle becomes more comforted when Helck approaches him. Haraolle asks Helck if Helck betrayed humanity while claiming that demons are humanity's enemy. Helck tries to reason with Haraolle, telling him that demons are not like how the human empire portrayed them as. Unfortunately, Haraolle refuses to listen and blames all of humanity's problems on Helck. Helck could do nothing, but apologize to Haraolle; Haraolle begins to tear up and sob about the day humans started to awaken across human empire. Helck asserts to Haraolle that he will overturn this horrible event, especially with the help of the demons. Before Helck leaves Haraolle, he thanks Vamirio for allowing him to visit the captured hero.

Helck Iron Ball

Helck defeats Iron Ball

Vamirio explains to Helck the situation. Helck is relieve and reaffirms that he will be able to complete the task of taking down the Human King. Hon then introduces Vamirio and Helck to their ride to the Human Kingdom. It is revealed that their ride is the same animal Helck used during the Showdown race. Helck is happy to meet the creature again and it is revealed that the creature is a sacred creature.[19]

Vamirio and Helck are ambushed on their way to the Human Capital.[20] However, the two companions manage to easily defeat the humans led by Iron Ball.

Helck Golem

The golem takes on a powerful punch

At the Human Kingdom, Vamirio and Helck make their way to the castle of the Human Empire. On their way, they encounter the Cane, the Kingdom's Protectors Force, but Helck easily defeats them. Once inside the castle, they are ambushed by a defense matrix. Suddenly, a golem appears and Helck attempts to attack it, but it absorbed Helck's attack and fired it back in the form of a blast. Vamirio explains how a golem works to Helck and tries to think of a plan to defeat it. Vamirio decides that it is best to get rid of the defense matrix now instead of later. The golem causes the floor to collapse and everyone falls to the lower level. Vamirio asks Helck to distract the golem as she finishes it off. They then proceed to destroy the rest of the defense matrix.

Vamirio and Helck find several more golems. Helck recklessly fights all of them at once, but fortunately wins. Vamirio warns him about preserving his strength for crucial battles. Vamirio then explains to Helck the origin of the Human Castle, the Empire's Capital, and the underground architecture. As Vamirio and Helck continue to observe the ancient architecture, the Human King suddenly appears behind them.[21]

Vamirio explains to Helck what the New World is. In addition, she tells him that the origin of the poison lies within the capital of the The Empire and the Emperor is suppressing the source.[22] Meanwhile, the people of the Empire must deal with the poison that has been spilled. Helck tells Vamirio about some of his worries, but she tells him to focus on winning. The Human King's hologram appears again, but immediately retreats as Vamirio and Helck chase after it.

After following the hologram, Vamirio and Helck are lifted up by a movement device. Mikaros then attacks the two.

Helck interrupts the short exchange between Vamirio and Mikaros and forces him to back off. Despite the situation, Mikaros refuses to surrender and unveils the prototypes from the awakening experiment. The prototypes possess a potential that far exceeds ordinary soldiers.

Helck Punch

Helck tells Vamirio to be careful around these prototypes, but after Vamirio felt relieved about the tower situation, Vamirio asks Helck to focus on Mikaros as she takes on the prototypes.[23]

While Vamirio finishes off the prototypes, Helck proceeds to punch Mikaros and the shock wave of the punch destroys the door leading to the Human King. Vamirio and Helck run towards the Human King, but are ambushed by Cless.

Helck Cless

A "brotherly quarrel"

Vamirio prepared for Cless's attack, but did not counterattack because Cless saw through her plan.[24] Vamirio tells Helck that she will fight Cless, but Helck decides to fight his brother himself, much to the displeasure of Vamirio. Helck tells Cless that he is happy to see that his brother is alive, but states that he will not forgive Cless for hurting his comrade.[25] The two heroes then proceed to clash. Cless initially seems to have the advantage and even manages to break Helck's sword, but Helck reaffirms his goal to save his brother, which causes Cless to back off. Meanwhile, Vamirio aims to attack the King.

Vamirio later asks Helck to get Sharuami after she uses Fire-Drake, Vulca to create a path to the throne. Unfortunately, the attack only managed to break through a portion of the barrier because the barrier is being reinforced with many more human soldiers now.[26] Afterwards, Helck is attacked by Zell and Alicia. Vamirio attempts to summon more minions to help Helck, but is stopped by prototypes that have been resurrected.

After the Human King betrayed his allies, Vamirio explains to Helck of the plan to save Sharuami. Suddenly, Sharuami wakes up and tells everyone that the Human King is waiting for them. Vamirio finally finds out that Piwi came along with them on their journey.

Vamirio, Helck, and company head down an underground lair to find the Human King. While going through the lair, they discuss the possible motivates of the King. They eventually reach the resting place of the four Human Kings who governed the Human lands over the centuries. Sharuami tells the group about the history of the four kings. Sharuami later shows the appearance of the Human King. The Human King reveals that there was an existence that Mikaros did not notice. The Human King then shows the group a portal to "the future you wish for". Through the portal, they see a man beside a tree.[27]

Vamirio, Helck, and others confront an illusion of the Human King, specifically the King of Control. The King explains what he knows about the world and the history of the Ancients. The King of Control lastly explains, to his knowledge, what the "Will of the World" is and what else he knows about it. The King of Control ultimately wants to take control of Helck's body, in exchange he will turn all awakened humans back to normal humans. Asuta and Vamirio are in great disagreement with the Human King about sacrificing Helck. Helck ultimately declines the King's offer.

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a hero and possessing a power level of 99, Helck is undoubtedly a very powerful individual. He's noted to be more powerful than the average hero. He is also a quick learner.[28]

Besides his combat abilities, Helck is an extremely talented cook and managed to defeat various famous cooks in a cooking contest. Mikaros stated Helck would become a significant obstacle to the human forces.[29]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Helck is extremely fast and possesses remarkable reflexes, as he was able to keep up with the Warrior of Darkness.[30]

Serious Helck Face

Immense Strength: Helck possesses great strength that he is able to use to defeat monsters easily. His punches are able to send shockwaves that travel dozen of meters.[31]

Immense Durability: Helck can withstand an incredible amount of beating. He withstood the attacks by Augis when the latter was the Warrior of Darkness.

Immense Endurance: Helck is able to run incredible distances without fatigue, never showing signs of exhaustion.

Regeneration: Helck is capable of regenerating from wounds, it is an ability, which he calls "Super Regeneration Conditioning". He possesses this ability since his early childhood.

Miscellaneous AbilitiesEdit

Super Concentration Mode: Helck claps and gives a loud shout before performing a task at an incredible pace.[32]

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Helck is a brawler


Hero Killer (Formerly): Helck wields a broken sword called the Hero Killer that can inflict fatal injuries on a hero.[33]

Fallen Heroes sword: A sword given to helck in Chapter 33. Slightly cursed, it can mend itself nearly instantaneously even when the blade is shattered.

Major BattlesEdit


  • Helck's circlet was a gift from Sharuami. Cless wears a matching one. [34]


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