Species Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Abilities Magic
Occupation Hero
Affiliation Humans
Partner(s) Zell, Alicia, Cless (Former)
Manga Debut Chapter 17

Haraoul (,) is an artificially awakened human and friend of Cless.




Helck's Past ArcEdit

When the human race was being forcefully awakened, Haraoul had to watch his family turn into grotesque beings.


Human Assault ArcEdit

Save the Humans ArcEdit

Vamirio, Shin, and Helck visit Haraoul. When Vamirio tries to talk with the human, Haraoul screams in fear that the demons will harm him. Haraoul becomes more comforted when Helck approaches him. Haraoul asks Helck if Helck betrayed humanity while claiming that demons are humanity's enemy. Helck tries to reason with Haraoul, telling him that demons are not like how the human empire portrayed them as. Unfortunately, Haraoul refuses to listen and blames all of humanity's problems on Helck. Helck could do nothing, but apologize to Haraoul; Haraoul begins to tear up and sob about the day humans started to awaken across human empire. Helck asserts to Haraoul that he will overturn this horrible event, especially with the help of the demons.

Haraolle Crying

Rococo is giving food to Haraoul. Haraoul asks Rococo what her eyes did to him. She tells him that her eyes' ability "brings a little honesty out of you." She tells him that he did not really want to kill her. Enraged, Haraoul shouts at Rococo until she finally leaves. Afterwards, he tries to reconsider his view about the demons and decides to finally give information to the demons and asks them to end this war once and for all.

Abilities & PowersEdit


Major BattlesEdit





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