[ Betrayal ]
Chapter 87
Chapter 87
Title Betrayal
Release date January 22, 2017

Betrayal (裏切り, Uragiri) is the eighty-seventh chapter of the Helck manga series.


Mikaros is attacked by Cless, Alicia, and the winged humans commanded by Human King. The Human King then commanded the soldiers to fight Rafaed, but Rafaed manages to escape. Asuta then proceeds to greet her allies. Vamirio explains to Helck of the plan to save Sharuami. Suddenly, Sharuami wakes up and tells everyone that the Human King is waiting for them. Vamirio finally finds out that Piwi came along with them on their journey.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Mikaros
  2. Cless
  3. Alicia
  4. Rafaed
  5. Vamirio
  6. Helck
  7. Human King
  8. Ororon
  9. Sharuami
  10. Asuta
  11. Piwi