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Chapter 86

Chapter 86 2

Chapter 86
Title The Grand Tower of the West and the Snow
Release date January 8, 2017

The Grand Tower of the West and the Snow (西の巨塔と雪, Nishi no Kyotō to Yuki) is the eighty-sixth chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

The tower begins to move. Shortly after, Azudora and the Urum Castle Defense members are informed of the tower's movement. It turns out the tower the humans are using is an ancient ruin. Vamirio attempts to attack the Human King again, but the Cane is resurrected to help defend against Vamirio's attacks. Meanwhile, Shin leads his troops to attack the core of the tower. The winged soldiers protecting the tower all commit suicide to be resurrected to fight against Vamirio. The winged soldiers reveal that they only needed to defend the tower until it started to function, once it does, their task is complete and the tower's defense matrix can begin providing protection.

Vamirio decides to use a powerful attack that would dig through Rafaed's barrier, but the attack only managed to break through a portion of the barrier because the barrier is being reinforced with many more human soldiers.

Part 2Edit

Vamirio's minion is destroyed by Mikaros. Afterwards, Helck is attacked by Zell and Alicia. Vamirio attempts to summon more minions to help Helck, but is stopped by prototypes that have been resurrected. The snow continues to move west and will arrive to the tower in less than a day. Meanwhile, Azudora and the Urum Castle Defense members continue to work on the technique to save the humans. Vamirio manages to break Rafaed's barrier once more, allowing Asuta to attack Rafaed, which weakens the barrier even more. Ororon then grabs Sharuami. Mikaros attempts to retrieve Sharuami, but is sliced by Cless.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Kenros
  2. Shin
  3. Hon
  4. Doruushi
  5. Azudora
  6. Sharuami
  7. Vamirio
  8. Mikaros
  9. Helck
  10. Kushiki
  11. Rafaed
  12. Cless
  13. Zell
  14. Alicia
  15. Asuta
  16. Ororon