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Chapter 82

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Chapter 82, Volume 9
Title Prototype
Release date November 11, 2016

Prototype (プロトタイプ, Purototaipu) is the eighty-second chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

Vamirio and Mikaros exchange some attacks before Mikaros is overwhelmed and backs off. Despite the situation, Mikaros refuses to surrender and unveils the prototypes from the awakening experiment. The prototypes possess a potential that far exceeds ordinary soldiers. Before the tower destruction group could finish the prototypes, the prototypes retreat. Outside the cave, there are thousands of prototypes waiting.

Part 2Edit

The tower destruction group is chased down by the prototypes. They attempt to retreat to the cave, but the prototypes manage to wall it off before they can. Eventually, the prototypes surround the tower destruction group. Mikaros tells Vamirio that they have 5512 prototypes and 5000 of them are protecting the towers. As it turns out, Vamirio had already prepared for a tough defense for the towers and sent Shin and Shin's army to assist the tower destruction group. Vamirio then asks Helck to focus on Mikaros as she takes on the 512 prototypes. Mikaros tells Vamirio to not underestimate the prototypes, but is surprised by her burst of power.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Mikaros
  2. Vamirio
  3. Helck
  4. Kenros
  5. Rubero
  6. Shin