[ Torture ]
Chapter 81
Chapter 81, Volume 9
Title Torture
Release date October 29, 2016
New World

Torture (拷問, Gōmon) is the eighty-first chapter of the Helck manga series.


The torturer tells Asuta that Sharuami is not going to be coming because she is currently controlled by the King's Will and that her friends are in the castle. Furthermore, the torturer tells Asuta of the energy that Cless summoned. Just as the torturer is about to start torturing about, Asuta kicks him and grabs him into a choke hold. She then knocks him out and takes his robe and keys. Asuta meets up with Piwi and Ororon. Meanwhile, Sharuami appears to be on top of several blobs of hyperspace energy.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Asuta
  2. Ororon
  3. Piwi
  4. Rafaed
  5. Sharuami