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Chapter 77

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Chapter 77, Volume 9
Title The Human Castle
Release date August 27, 2016

The Human Castle (人間の城, Ningen no Shiro) is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

The Witch talks to herself about how she has failed to change the outcome despite trying many times to do so. At the Human Kingdom, Vamirio and Helck make their way to the castle of the Human Empire. On their way, they encounter the Cane, the Kingdom's Protectors Force, but Helck easily defeats them. Once inside the castle, they are ambushed by a defense matrix. Suddenly, a golem appears and Helck attempts to attack it, but it absorbed Helck's attack and fired it back in the form of a blast. Vamirio explains how a golem works to Helck and tries to think of a plan to defeat it.

Part 2Edit

Vamirio decides that it is best to get rid of the defense matrix now instead of later. The golem causes the floor to collapse and everyone falls to the lower level. Vamirio asks Helck to distract the golem as she finishes it off. They then proceed to destroy the rest of the defense matrix. Piuy is being chased by some of the defense matrix.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. The Witch
  2. Vamirio
  3. Helck
  4. Oloroso
  5. Piuy