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Chapter 75

Chapter 75 2

Chapter 75, Volume 8
Title Uria the Hero
Release date July 23, 2016

Uria the Hero (勇者ウリア, Yūsha Uria) is the seventy-fifth chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

Vamirio is researching past occurrences of mutations to various races in hopes of finding ways to save the humans. Shin gives Vamirio her lost magical stick that she used when she was an infant. Hon arrives to Shin Castle and informs Vamirio of Azudora's plans. Azudora uses the information provided by Haraolle, Sharuami, and Edil to form a war to turn the tide of the war. Azudora divides his forces into four groups, Urum Castle Defense, Extermination of Monster Nests and Human Sorcerers, Tower Destruction, and Guerrilla. Vamirio is furious with Azudora's plan as she still has not found a way to save the humans yet. She tells Hon to go back and tell Azudora that she will not participate in the deciding battle until she finds a way to save the humans. Hon tells Vamirio to calm down and to read the letter to the very end. She is left puzzled by the revelation.

Part 2Edit

Hon tells Vamirio what Azudora told him. Azudora tells a memory of a hero more powerful than anyone he had fought before, yet the hero did not want to fight. The hero's name was Uria. Although Azudora was originally very cautious, he eventually eased up. Azudora and Uria had many conversations with each other and later Uria introduced his village to Azudora. Azudora got to know the human race much better. When Azudora finally left the village, Azudora no longer wanted to fight. Uria and Azudora tried to work towards peace, but the war only got worse. The humans were eventually cornered and came into contact with forbidden apocalyptic magic. As a result, the world almost ended had it not been for Uria. Uria could not change back after awakening and Azudora had to kill his friend. Azudora then reveals that he has now acquired the power to turn humans back to now. Lastly Azudora tells Vamirio to defeat Human King with Helck. Vamirio bursts out laughing, realizing that she and her former mentor share the same thoughts. She then tells Hon to tell Azudora that she will take responsibility for the subjugation of the Human King.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Vamirio
  2. Shin
  3. Hon
  4. Azudora
  5. Haraolle
  6. Hyura
  7. Edil
  8. Sharuami
  9. Helck
  10. Isuta
  11. Doruushi
  12. Kenros
  13. Sandava
  14. Piuy
  15. Uria