[ Military Strength ]
Chapter 73
Chapter 73, Volume 8
Title Military Strength
Release date June 25, 2016

Military Strength (軍事力, Gunji-Ryoku) is the seventy-third chapter of the Helck manga series.


Haraolle tries to attack Rococo, but during the attack, Rococo's eyes are revealed before Haraolle. Haraolle becomes confused and is captured by demons shortly after. At Shin Castle, Isuta informs everyone about Azudora's recovery. They then discuss about the new monsters they encounter is their previous battle, Azudora concluded that the winged soldiers changed because of Mikaros's technique. They also discuss if reinforcements might come as a result of the bigger threat that the humans have introduced. However, Hon tells Isuta that reinforcements will be tough request. Hon further informs Isuta of the plan Azudora has for when all of the humans are released from the King's Will. Lastly, Isuta tells Hon that she ultimately still wants to help Vamirio with Vamirio's wish despite the incredible difficulty of the task. Meanwhile, Shin introduces Vamirio is the human prisoner.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Rococo
  2. Haraolle
  3. Zell
  4. Isuta
  5. Kenros
  6. Hyura
  7. Doruushi
  8. Helck
  9. Edil
  10. Hon
  11. Azudora
  12. Vamirio
  13. Shin