[ Question ]
Chapter 72
Chapter 72, Volume 8
Title Question
Release date June 19, 2016

Question (問, Toi) is the seventy-second chapter of the Helck manga series.


Asuta is being held prisoner when a prisoner guard comes in her cell. She tells the guard that she already told the humans everything that she knows. Guard continues to assert that she must be hiding information and threatens to torture her. Asuta decides to tell the guard Isuta's first crush as she has nothing else to reveal. The guard becomes frustrated and tries to punch Asuta, but the demon manages to dodge the punch much to the guard's displeasure. The guard reveals that they already have the needed information and that he only wishes to torture her for his own pleasure. However, Sharuami stops the guard before he could do any harm to Asuta. After a short chat, Sharuami tells Asuta that she is worried about the state of her country. To comfort Sharuami, Asuta reveals some information. Meanwhile, Rafaed and Mikaros exchange information. Rafaed informs Mikaros of whom Helck's partner is and that it seems like Helck can no longer go berserk. Since Helck can no longer go berserk, Mikaros decides to make the hero fight his brother once more.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Asuta
  2. Sharuami
  3. Rafaed
  4. Mikaros
  5. Alicia
  6. Helck
  7. Cless