[ Prisoner ]
Chapter 71
Chapter 71, Volume 8
Title Prisoner
Release date June 12, 2016

Prisoner (捕虜, Horyo) is the seventy-first chapter of the Helck manga series.


Rococo informs Helck about the purpose of Demon Castles. Harupii then flies in and tells Vamirio and Helck that she has prepared a place for them to stay. Vamirio tells the rest that she and Rococo are going to see Shin and that they will meet up later. When Shin and Vamirio finally meet, he first gives her a gift of orange juice. Afterwards the two discuss the issue about saving the humans. Shin informs Vamirio that the danger rank of humans has risen to A. However, Shin views that the humans deserve a higher danger rank. Shin also informs Vamirio that the empire council have decided that humans are an existence that must be purged. Vamirio tells Shin what she has learned about the humans from her journey with Helck and how they have changed her views. Although Shin does not fully agrees with Vamirio, he still gives his complete support. Vamirio later tells Helck there is someone she wants him to meet tomorrow.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Piuy
  2. Helck
  3. Vamirio
  4. Rococo
  5. Harupii
  6. Shin
  7. Azudora
  8. Haraolle
  9. Asuta