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Chapter 70

Chapter 70 2

Chapter 70, Volume 8
Title Humans and Demons
Release date May 23, 2016

Humans and Demons (人間と魔族, Ningen to Mazoku) is the seventieth chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

Vamirio and company decide to head to Shin Castle. In Azudora's dream, he remembers a human hero who wished to talk wish Azudora instead of fight. After waking up, Hon and Isuta inform Azudora how he was saved. Sandava, Kenros. Doruushi, and Hyura fought together to save Azudora from Edil and the awakened humans.

Part 2Edit

Hon informs Azudora about the situation at Shin Castle. Shin successfully repelled the enemy forces and managed to capture Haraolle. Azudora is then given Vamirio's letter about why she is coming to the Shin Castle instead of heading to the human castle. Azudora and the others are surprised to learn that Vamirio has decided to save the humans. Meanwhile, Helck and Vamirio are met with Rococo on their way to Shin Castle. Rococo informs Vamirio that Azudora is battered, but healthy. With Rococo's carriage, Vamirio and Helck were able to reach Shin Castle in two days.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Vamirio
  2. Helck
  3. Kushiki
  4. Harupii
  5. Ruufu
  6. Piuy
  7. Azudora
  8. Hon
  9. Isuta
  10. Edil
  11. Kenros
  12. Doruushi
  13. Sandava
  14. Hyura
  15. Shin
  16. Haraolle
  17. Rubero
  18. Rococo