[ To a Hopeful Future ]
Chapter 69
Chapter 69, Volume 8
Title To a Hopeful Future
Release date May 16, 2016

To a Hopeful Future (希望ある未来へ, Kibō Aru Mirai E) is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Helck manga series.


After figuring out what to do, Vamirio bursts out laughing mischievously. She then reaffirms her goal to the awakened humans. Rafaed once again questions Vamirio and the rationale behind her goal. Rafaed continues by trying to weaken Vamirio's determination with his knowledge of the recent battle at the Demon Castle. Vamirio is in disbrief of Rafaed's claim that Azudora is dead, stating she has heard of the tale many times before, and every time Azudora returns alive. It is then revealed that Azudora did indeed survive the human assault on the Demon Castle and is recovering. Once again, Vamirio asserts her stance, stating that her determination will not falter even if Helck's does. Rafaed pulls out the Curse Release spell given to him by Mikaros, but when Helck displays his agreement with Vamirio's resolve, Rafaed decides to retreat instead. Afterwards, Helck tells Vamirio how much her words mean to him.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Helck
  2. Vamirio
  3. Witch
  4. Piuy
  5. Rafaed
  6. Azudora
  7. Hon
  8. Isuta
  9. Doruushi
  10. Sandava
  11. Kenros
  12. Hyura
  13. Alicia