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Chapter 68

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Chapter 68, Volume 7
Title What Needs To Be Said

What Needs To Be Said (かけるべき言葉, Kakerubeki Kotoba) is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

Rafaed manages to take care of Vamirio's summoned swordswomen and directs the humans to attack Vamirio. Helck shouts for Vamirio, but Alicia shoots another arrow to draw Helck's attention. Vamirio tells Helck to not worry about her. When Helck finally reaches Alicia, his dark aura begins to grow again. Helck hugs her and apologizes for making her suffer. He comforts her and tells her he will put an end to her suffering.

Part 2Edit

Vamirio finally realizes what Helck is about going to do and sprints toward the hero. Rafaed tries to stop her, but is quickly bypassed and receives a cut from the Hero Killer, incapacitating him. Vamirio manages to stop Helck from killing Alicia and tells him that they are going to save the humans, instead of destroying them.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Helck
  2. Alicia
  3. Vamirio
  4. Rafaed