[ One Who Supports His Heart ]
Chapter 67
Chapter 67, Volume 7
Title One Who Supports His Heart

One Who Supports His Heart (心を支える者, Kokoro wo Sasaeru Mono) is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Helck manga series.


Kushiki inform Helck and Vamirio about the situation and Vamirio tells Kushiki to find somewhere safe. Helck and Rafaed confront each other, Rafaed warns Helck for the final time to not interfere with the plans of him and the humans. Rafaed recommends to Helck to take Vamirio to somewhere away from the fighting, but Helck assertively declines and states he will destroy the humans. Angered, Rafaed sends his forces to attack Vamirio and Helck, initially Helck prepares to fight the winged soldiers by himself, but Vamirio reminds him that they are in this together. Rafaed notices that Vamirio is a support for Helck and attempts to attack her, almost enraging Helck, but Vamirio easily dodges and counters Rafaed. Vamirio reaffirms Helck that she will be fine and tells him to focus on his own opponents. After a short brawl, an arrow is fired in the direction of both Vamirio and Helck, Vamirio dodges the arrow, while Helck catches it. When they turn to see who fired it, they see Alicia.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Kushiki
  2. Vamirio
  3. Helck
  4. Rafaed
  5. Alicia