[ Unforeseen Situation ]
Chapter 3
Chapter 3, Volume 1
Title Unforeseen Situation

Unforeseen Situation (予期せぬ事態, Yoki Senu Jitai) is the third chapter of the Helck manga series.


A brief explanation of the Demon World's structure and history is given, mostly in relation to the war against the humans. The source is revealed to be Asuta's thoughts as she investigates the deserted human village. With few findings, she prepares to report to her sister telepathically.

Back at the tournament, Helck wins a chess match to Vamirio's frustration. He then wins a perfect score in a sculpting match with an Azudora statue. A cooking match is next and Hon suggests that they give him a child-sized apron, but Vamirio has had enough of his plans and goes as a judge of the contest in disguise. However, she ends up giving Helck a perfect 10 as she couldn't bring herself to lie about his dish.

Later, Vamirio storms through the building complaining that Helck's dish was good. She and Hon come across a poster for the tournament. Vamirio yells that she has never seen the guys on the poster and that they are just models trying to make it look cool. Hon explains that they were all favorites to win but lost to Helck in the preliminaries, and Vamirio rips the poster down in anger. Hon worries that Vamirio is going to explode again, but Vamirio pauses and then calmly asks Hon for some tape. She fixes the poster and somberly says that she has to protect the civilians. Vamirio dismisses Hon for the day, and goes to the main office room to think about how to solve this problem.

Over in the courtyard, Kenros greets Helck and they compliment each other on their dishes. Kenros asks what Helck is looking at. Helck tells him it's a picture and asks if he wants to see, before playfully refusing. Kenros chases him in a happy game of tag trying to see the picture. Hyura says to herself that two guys playing is gross and ignores them.

Isuta reports Asuta's findings about Helck to Vamirio in the office. She reveals that Helck is known as the worst criminal in history in the human world and has a bounty on his head for killing his brother, the hero Cless who was actually the one that killed Demon King Tooru.

Back at the courtyard, Kenros catches Helck and Helck shows him the picture of his brother. Kenros says that Cless is a lot more handsome than Helck, which catches Hyura's attention.

Isuta reports continues reporting Asuta's findings on the deserted human villages, but Hon rushes in with the news that Urum Castle has fallen to the winged soldiers. Vamirio orders Hon to strengthen the guard and prepare for battle in case the soldiers continue on to them. Meanwhile, Helck and Kenros continue playing rock, paper, scissors with Hyura telling Helck to show her the picture of his brother.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Vamirio
  2. Azudora
  3. Tooru
  4. Cless
  5. Asuta
  6. Helck
  7. Hon
  8. Kenros
  9. Hyura
  10. Isuta
  11. Urum