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Chapter 2
Chapter 2, Volume 1
Title Card Tower

Card Tower (トランプタワー, Toranpu TaWā) is the second chapter of the Helck manga series.


The second day of the tournament starts. The contestants walk out to a cheering crowd excited about the unusual match.

A flashback to the night before shows Hon explaining the nature of the card match to Vamirio. The challenge to to stack a tower of cards. And to further disadvantage Helck, the cards given to him will be slippery. Vamirio opposes the idea at first but gives in to Hon's pleading.

The audience accepts the unconventional match completely and then Rococo announces the start of the match. Most of the contestants find the challenge difficult but Helck struggles to even complete one stack. Vamirio gloats over Helck's expected loss, however she feels bad for the contestants who will drop out because they are unable to display their power. Hon tells her they are necessary sacrifices to get rid of Helck. Vamirio says that she will have the skilled contestants serve under her and begin to tell Hon to prepare a list of names, but a loud clapping sound interrupts her.

The source of the sound is revealed to be Helck. He tells everyone to focus and unleashes a powerful blast of aura, blowing away all of the contestants stacks who didn't defend in time. Helck then uses his Super Concentration Mode and completes his tower of cards in impressive time, posing after finishing. Both the contestants and the crowd stare in amazement, however soon some contestants complain to Rococo about Helck's "cheating". Vamirio and Hon rush to try to add in a rule in order to get Helck disqualified, but Kenros speaks up before anyone can act. Kenros explains to everyone the true nature of the match, that the towers are representations of the contestants demon castles, and the goal is to build up their "castle" while tearing down the others using whatever means necessary. Kenros finishes his tower during the explanation and yells good work. Vamirio and Hyura says to themselves that there's no way that stupid explanation is right, however the crowd not only accepts but is impressed by it. The remaining contestants engage in a fierce battle to defend their tower and attack others while a fired up crowd cheers them on.

Hon says that disqualifying Helck is no longer an option. Vamirio speculates that this was Helck's plan all along. That he planned to get the other contestants to fight each other so that most will become injured. Hon tells that it is just a coincidence and Vamirio, angry over Hon's calm attitude, destroys a large portion of the top of the building in a fiery explosion.

Over in the Human World, Asuta stands on top of a mountain overlooking a human village. She has been tasked to find information about the hero Helck, but the village is deserted.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Vamirio
  2. Hyura
  3. Helck
  4. Hon
  5. Rococo
  6. Kenros
  7. Rerepus
  8. Rubero
  9. Asuta