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Asuta Profile
Species Demon
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Occupation Vamirio's Subordinate
Level 55 (Spy)
Affiliation Demon World
Relatives Isuta (Younger Sister)
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Asuta (アスタ, Asuta) is the older sister of Isuta and subordinate of Vamirio.


Asuta is a young looking girl with cat ears, amber eyes and relatively short black hair.

Due to her preference in clothing, she is often mistaken to be a boy.


Asuta is full of curiosity, so she takes interest in a lots of things.[1]


Ahh... IsutyEdit

Asuta grew up with Isuta and Hyura and became very close friends with each other. Asuta learned swordsmanship from Hyura.[2]

One day, Asuta's and Isuta's village was attacked by monsters whom managed to break through the village barrier. However, they were saved by Vamirio. From that incident Asuta and Isuta were inspired to become soldiers of the empire. They eventually become personal subordinates of Vamirio.[3]

Asuta was an adventurer before serving with Vamirio.[4]


Demon King Tournament ArcEdit

Remote Island ArcEdit

Human Assault ArcEdit

Asuta meets and befriends Sharuami.

Asuta Stopped

Big Mistake...

Save the Humans ArcEdit

Asuta Saved

Saved from torture

Asuta is being held prisoner when a prisoner guard comes in her cell. She tells the guard that she already told the humans everything that she knows. Guard continues to assert that she must be hiding information and threatens to torture her. Asuta decides to tell the guard Isuta's first crush as she has nothing else to reveal. The guard becomes frustrated and tries to punch Asuta, but the demon manages to dodge the punch much to the guard's displeasure. The guard reveals that they already have the needed information and that he only wishes to torture her for his own pleasure. However, Sharuami stops the guard before he could do any harm to Asuta. After a short chat, Sharuami tells Asuta that she is worried about the state of her country. To comfort Sharuami, Asuta reveals some information.[5]

Sharuami gets the keys to Asuta's chains, but is stopped by her father, Rafaed. After Sharuami is escorted away, Rafaed tells Asuta that he has no intentions of hurting her as long as she behaves.[6] Asuta barrages Rafaed with questions about his goal, but Rafaed replies that he had placed his hopes on a minor possibility that might benefit the human race. The winged torturer returns to Asuta's cell despite Rafaed's orders and begins to wipe Asuta.[7]

Asuta Payback

Time for revenge

After the torturer finished whipping Asuta and he attempts to use different method of torture. The torturer tells Asuta that Sharuami is not going to be coming because she is currently controlled by the King's Will and that her friends are in the castle.[8] Furthermore, the torturer tells Asuta of the energy that Cless summoned.[9] Just as the torturer is about to start torturing about, Asuta kicks him and grabs him into a choke hold. She then knocks him out and takes his robe and keys. Asuta meets up with Piwi and Ororon.

Vamirio manages to break Rafaed's barrier once more, allowing Asuta to attack Rafaed, which weakens the barrier even more. Ororon then grabs Sharuami. After the Human King betrayed his allies, Asuta proceeds to greet Vamirio and company. Vamirio explains to Helck of the plan to save Sharuami. Suddenly, Sharuami wakes up and tells everyone that the Human King is waiting for them.

Asuta and company head down an underground lair to find the Human King. While going through the lair, they discuss the possible motivates of the King. They eventually reach the resting place of the four Human Kings who governed the Human lands over the centuries. Sharuami tells the group about the history of the four kings. Sharuami later shows the appearance of the Human King. The Human King reveals that there was an existence that Mikaros did not notice. The Human King then shows the group a portal to "the future you wish for". Through the portal, they see a man beside a tree.[10]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Having an spy level of 55, Asuta is undoubtly a skilled infiltrator. She was able to sneak into the royal castle of the humans and managed to remain undetected for a considerable amount of time. Asuta is also skilled in climbing.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Senses: Asuta can hear much better than others and can see and even read in the dark.[11][12]

Enhanced Speed: Asuta is able to move at highspeed, as she was seen moving incredibly fast towards the Human King, in order to kill him.[13] While she seems to possess impressive speed that even outmatches the awakened guards of the king, she wasn't able to keep up with Rafaed, as the latter easily stopped her.


Ear Gum: A spy item. It raises one's hearing for several minutes. But for her, who has naturally good ears, it is just a matter of principle.[11]

Night Vision Glasses: A spy item. Allows one to see well in the dark. But for her, who can naturally see well in the dark, it is just a matter of principle.

Cat Claws: A spy item. Helps her to climb walls. But for her, who can already climb without it, it is just a matter of principle.

Major BattlesEdit

Asuta vs Sharuami, Rafaed, and Human King


"I'm gonna do my best!"


  • Asuta and her sister refer to Hyura as Hyura-ran.[14]


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