The Ancients (古代人, Kodaibito) are the people that existed before the Demons and Humans in the world of Helck.[1]

Overview Edit

Ancients were an extremely intelligent people that achieved technology that current day Demons and Humans have not even thought of, such as video recordings, infinite energy supply, and orbital elevator.[2]


Long ago, Ancients lived a life with very advanced technology, but were vanquished by New World forces.[3][4] However, a few remaining Ancients transferred their conscience into a terminal to live on in spirit.[5] Since their extinction, the world has been reborn a few times.[6]

One ancient overlooking the protection of the terminal containing the minds of Ancients transferred his conscience to a former King of the Humans and took over the King's body. Afterwards, the Ancient spent centuries killing people under the influence of the "Will of the World".[7] The current goal of the Ancients is to establish the old world's civilization once more.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • The Ancients can steal bodies through usage of Ancient technology.[9] It is possible to preserve one's spirit even with the existence of two minds, but it is an immense strain.[10]


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