[ Ahh... Isuty ]
Ahh.. Isuty
Volume 3
Title Ahh... Isuty

Ahh... Isuty () is an extra chapter included with Volume 3.


Isuta had trouble finding interest in anything, while Asuta took interest in almost everything. Isuta, Asuta and Hyura grew up together and became very close friends with each other, even though Hyura and Asuta would sometimes have fun at Isuta's expense. Hyura taught Asuta sword-fighting and very strictly trained her.

One day, their village was attacked by monsters whom managed to break through the village barrier. However, they were saved by Vamirio. From that incident Asuta and Isuta were inspired to become soldiers of the empire. They eventually become personal subordinates of Vamirio.

After saving a village Vamirio went the Heavenly King meeting, but had to suffer gross candy offered by Azudora

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Isuta
  2. Asuta
  3. Hyura
  4. Azudora


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